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Meet Vikó Speier, the Artist

Professional Portrait & Fashion Photographer
Brand Ambassador of OM SYSTEM | Olympus

As a child LEGO toys were my escape from reality. I never followed the instructions but relied on my imagination to build an empire of my dreams. But later on this creative universe of mine seemed to fade away for a while as I chose to become an economist. Working at a multinational company for years may sound like a promising career, but after a while I got tired of being a drop in the ocean. 

Then in January, 2018 karma took action as I first met Norbert Bánhalmi, photo artist during a lifechanging photoshooting session. This experience reconnected me to my creative inner child, making this day a new beginning both professionally and personally. That's how being a photographer evolved from my beloved hobby into my full-time profession thanks to the help of Norbert, with whom we've been running our own studio in Budapest, Hungary for 6 years now. 

I consider photography a way of connecting to great people and I'm blessed to be able to contribute to my clients success both with my artistic and marketing related experience. I'm convinced that art has the superpower to lift others up, so I'm regularly involved in projects like charity photo exhibitions that serve a good cause. I'm trying to be the change I want to see in the world, and I'm also committed to encourage others to do so. 



Interview about my childhood, mission and career change. The way of becoming a professional photographer from an economist.


Women behind the camera. How do we see the world as female artists? And how does the photographer community see us?

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