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We all have the desire to shine

Living in our virtual world we come across dozens of celebrities and influencers on our social media feed that makes us crave their seemingly ideal life. I don't really believe in this kind of perfection, but rather in perfect moments we doubtlessly all have and can be happy about. As a fashion photographer, I'm committed to creating and capturing memorable moments that reflect my model's character which I consider the most important part of the session. 

The essence of fashion photography

The art of lifestyle shooting is all about the harmony of a million details. It's like a deliberately composed symphony: lots of work before the show. The essence of fashion photography is the precise establishment of the mood board based on the concept, and the preparation of the makeup, hair and several outfits for various looks etc. I believe that everyone can feel like a supermodel in front of the camera regardless of his/her age, body type, or experience, so I'm more than happy to guide you through the tips and tricks of posing to get the best result.

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