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 Professional photoshooting Budapest 

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Possibly the best gift for your beloved one

The perfect gift for Xmas, birthday, anniversary, graduation etc. might be hard to find, but if you are looking for something really personal, you cannot go wrong with a photography gift card. Time flies, memories fade, but pictures make them last. As a Budapest based professional photographer my mission is to capture the beauty I believe everyone has regardless his / her age, gender or body type. My clients often open up with the sentence: "I'm not photogenic, so it's impossible to take good photos of me!" and after the photo session they leave the studio with their heart full of joy and relief as I managed to proved them wrong. 

Professional photos give confidence & memorable experience

No matter whether it's a portrait, a fashion or a glamour shooting, the photography sessions are always focused on the model and on revealing their personality. Establishing trust is the most essential to make not only the shooting experience memorable, but also the end result. In order to get the most out of our collaboration we usually arrange a personal or online meeting before the actual photography session. The style may vary, but the purpose of the pictures is always the same: make you shine in an authentic way.


Find out more about the process by clicking on the different types of photoshooting below or watch our short film about a business portrait shooting.

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