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The power of an inviting business portrait

A professional portrait speaks more than a thousand words, adding credibility and prestige to your personal brand. Let the headshot be either for business or private use, a high-end quality photo will serve you along the way to success. May the feeling of success vary from minor daily achievements to great milestones, an authentic portrait always helps to be confident at the most important moments of our lives. For example, at a job interview, a challenging presentation at a conference or the first encounter after dating online. 

"I'm not photogenic!"

The most common sentence my private customers claim is: "It's impossible to take good photos of me!". The case is often that they need some pictures for a specific reason like CV, LinkedIn, professional website, PR articles, social media or dating sites etc., but actually they don't really like being photographed. My mission is to relieve the potential anxiety and doubt of my clients through my professionalism so that it comforts them and makes the entire shooting a memorable experience.

  • Studio shooting • 1 immediately retouched portrait

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    30 min

    29,990 Hungarian forints
  • Outdoor / studio shooting • 3 immediately retouched photos

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    1 hr

    49,990 Hungarian forints
  • Outdoor / studio shooting • 3 retouched photos • professional makeup

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    1 hr 30 min

    74,990 Hungarian forints
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