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The life-saving power of art


24 artists, 2 global brands, 1 common goal. Together with Team Olympus, Starbucks Hungary and HPIX Creative Photo Lab, we teamed up to help the Hungarian Children's Rescue Foundation to buy a new ambulance. In September 2021, we launched the "Art for Takeaway" initiative, where we offerred more than 200 of our works of art for charity. The photos and paintings were available for purchase at, so that the prints could make it to the walls of anyone's home/office or could be a Christmas gift for art lovers, while also contributing to a good cause: saving children's lives.

A great picture deserves to get printed

Nowadays living in a digital era, we tend to print photos less often, so it's even more special when we do hang a picture on our wall or give it to our loved ones as a gift. The emotions and memories associated with that particular print will make it truely precious. In my opinion the greater the positive impact a work of art has on people's lives, the more value it has. Participating in the "Art for Takeaway" initiative allowed us to launch a charity project with the help of our photos, as we exhibited them at 11 Starbucks cafés in Budapest, Hungary to brighten up the day of the visitors. What's more they could even take their favorite photos home by ordering their own prints. All the funds raised from the purchases were dedicated to support the children and their families who will be able to receive help in time thanks to the new ambulance. 


Where past and present meet

We were delighted to have the support of companies as well as individuals, and it was particularly heartwarming to see Siemens Mobility Ltd. purchase a collection of pictures to decorate their new offices located in the Infopark. My fellow artists and I visited them on the occasion of a shoot, and we were able to admire how our works of art decorated the empty walls. It was a special feeling to be back to Siemens, as I had worked at the company's headquarters for years as part of a dual training programme, so the encounter was also nostalgic for me. Suddenly, millions of memories came to my mind and I found myself wondering how much my life has changed since then. With years of struggle and uncertainty behind me, I felt reassured that despite all the ups and downs I was finally on the right track in my career.

Speier Vikó Művészet Elvitelre mockup.jpg
Speier Vikó - Starbucks Szent Gellért tér Művészet Elvitelre - A Nagy Mentőakció jótékonysági fotókiállítás és vásár

The right path is encoded in our hearts

In addition to charity, I had another personal goal with the campaign: to inspire young people to find and fulfill their passion, like art, sport, career or any hobbies that make their heart beat faster. I believe in the power of enthusiasm and humble work, and when you find an environment where it is appreciated, only the sky is the limit! For me, among others, Team Olympus - also involved in the "Art for Takeaway" project - means a really supportive community that has helped me turn photography from a hobby into a beloved profession over the years.


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