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NYC photographer adventures | 1. Hello New York!

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

Almost grown up…

Back in spring a few months after graduation, I was about to put together my CV thinking that I can’t procrastinate getting into adult life any longer. And anyway, I've been receiving LinkedIn notifications about open marketing positions for a year and a half now, it's time to take the first step. But before I could dive into the job search, a sudden twist occurred. My colleague Norbert Bánhalmi, Professional Photographer and NFT Artist came up with the idea of joining him on his next trip to New York at the beginning of summer.

Starting to chase the American dream

The next thing I remember is sitting in the studio and searching for flight tickets to NYC, but unfortunately in a few minutes I had to get back to reality. Imagining the American dream literally opened up new dimensions for me, but I had no other chance than realize that I was unable to afford the trip at that time. Even if I was completely broke after moving to a new, semi-furnished apartment, I had no doubt that I’d make it and fly to NYC with Norbert.

Furniture or flight ticket?

As I enthusiastically shared my plans with my family, they shortly reminded me that without money it would be quite challenging. I jokingly added that no matter what, I would travel anyway as it’s okay to get my new sofa in my living room a few months later and that a mattress would also do on the floor till I can afford a new bed. I've been listening to Norbert’s stories about New York since we first met in 2018, and he kept telling me how different the American mentality was and that he was more than sure I'd love it. To be honest I was a bit sceptical, as Norbert is a master of unbelievable stories, so he must have been exaggerating all the time.

Now or never America

For sure everyone has opportunities in life that if missed may never come back again. This was how I felt regarding our New York photography trip. Even if it didn’t fit my budget, at least it could work out well with my time table. From the point where our idea was formulated, I was constantly thinking about this potential adventure. I started to feel the same kind of flow that I experienced when I organized my first charity photography exhibition in 2018, knowing that something really special was about to happen. I considered it a good sign and also began to notice NY all around like on IKEA wallpapers, articles coming across on Facebook and even the brand name of my old suitcase was New York, such a coincidence. It was resembling a post-breakup feeling when you associate everything with your ex, but in this case in a good sense.

The law of attraction in action

It’s not the first time karma has been my good friend when it came to a dream that I had a tight deadline for. I never got it as a gift, but rather an opportunity to work for it. This time was no different as I received a message from my former university lecturer shortly after the idea of a trip to the US was born. He was looking for a new team member for a marketing consulting project he was just kicking off, and asked if I would like to join. I was delighted to accept his offer because apart from the exciting tasks, the opportunity could not have come at a better time. And the story was just to begin...


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