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NYC photographer adventures | 3. Let’s get down to business

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

Speier Vikó professional photographer New York business card

As for the artistic aspect, the schedule of our New York trip was getting ready as we were already having discussions with the models about the locations, styling etc. On the other hand, fromm the business point of view, I had tons of tasks waiting for me to make the most of the American dream.

Not only be, but look like a professional photographer

When it comes to first impressions, you don’t get a second chance. Especially if you travel to the US, you can’t miss out on paying special attention to personal branding. This is a place where if a professional is not expensive enough and his / her work does not reflect top quality, they are unlikely to get hired. I had been thinking for some time about a new logo that reflects my journey, my values and even my future goals. I approached a dear graphic designer friend of mine, Jocó Gábos, with whom I had the pleasure to work with previously and I felt that he would easily understand what’s on my mind.

New image and business card

My instincts were right, as the first visual design was such a hit that I immediately said "YES!". The logo got finalized, the business cards were designed, consultation with the printer began. Needless to say, it didn't take long for me to fall in love with the beautiful papers and printing technologies, but maybe that's no surprise from an artist. And even if I’m obsessed with business cards printed on premium paper, I also wanted a modern solution in the form of a digital business card that would fit the progressivity of New York. It would allow me to transfer my contact details to anyone’s phone easily and quickly, and I don't have to worry about running out of them, as one card is all I need.

Website refresh

Due to the rush I almost forgot about my website that also needed an urgent update. To be honest I didn't have any energy for this after my extremely hectic days, but Norbert pushed me and added that I could easily rebuild my entire photography website in a week. Regardless of being exhausted and stressed out, I gathered all my motivation to completely re-design my webpage. Sleep is for the weak, right? It required massive effort as the new look and contents had to be totally refreshed, so I updated my references and rewrote all the texts and translated it to English, as our travel made this a priority.

Gears to pack into the camera bag

The day of departure was approaching, so I started packing my suitcase and of course the most important thing: my photography equipment. As our package was limited in weight and volume because of our flight, we had to think very carefully about what to take. Not to mention that we were planning to move around the city all day long, so this aspect was critical. As OM SYSTEM / Olympus users, Norbert and I were lucky in terms of the size and weight of our gear, and we were also able to share the gears, so that we had to carry less stuff. I was mainly shooting street fashion, so the Olympus PRO lenses (17 mm f/1.2, 45 mm f/1.2, 75 mm f/1.8) definitely had a place in the suitcase next to my Olympus E-M10 Mark III camera. And for documentary street photography, our perfect partner in crime was the 40-150 mm f/2.8 PRO lense that we borrowed from the Olympus / OM SYSTEM Store for the trip. We are really thankful for their support!

Last minute shopping trip

Almost everything was ready to go. Almost… The pace of the last few days was insane. Quickly getting a giga power bank to keep our phones alive during the long days of content creation. Phone calls to Telekom to get my mobile internet activated for US use. Running from one side of town to the other for last minute business cards. Rushing to NATI100%PUREIDEA's salon for a quick dress fitting so that we could take some pieces with us for photoshooting in New York. As I was slowly drifting to the edge of exhaustion I realized that I still needed a hat to protect my head from the rays of sunshine in the US. Totally out of energy, I was hurrying home, when I glanced sideways to the shop window and noticed a white baseball cap with the label "happiness" on it. I suddenly stopped and stared at it for a few seconds. I'm definitely not an impulse shopper, but I resonated with that product so much that I rushed into the store and handed the "happiness" to the saleswoman saying: “This is exactly what I was looking for!”


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